20. November 2019
This is my first illustration ever (I think so). I draw the cute and lovely octopuses with chalk, took several pictures of them, used Photoshop afterwards and did the graphics. I swear it will find it's way into a child's book and I'll become rich and famous. That's for sure (epic laughs)! Sit back and enjoy...
05. October 2019
LOST&BROKEN is a project that was part of my education as a graphic designer. I wanted to reflect fear, depression and the unknown future. I did the photography, retouch, graphics and layout on my own. I also made and cut a video that you can watch right here!

26. September 2019
So here's my first magazine ever. I have been working on it for quite a long time but now it's finished! I did all the stuff for it on my own - photography, graphics and layout. You can download the magazine for free (!) on the bottom of this article. It's available in English and German.
25. September 2019
I normally don't post pictures of myself on my website (despite this one on the "ABOUT ME" page) but today the day has come. These here also belong to my project "Whips Not Wings" and as you can see I play the devil. The photos aren't typical portrait pictures, they are rather documentary pictures and even the equipment that I used is visible. A kinda behind the scenes!

24. September 2019
This is Chrissi, the second model for my magazine "Whips Not Wings". She really was a great match because of her open-minded character. I had so much fun with her!
22. September 2019
Here's Scarlett, the first model for my project "Whips Not Wings", a magazine that I'm going to release very soon! I was in the photo studio and used different studio flashes such as soft boxes and a beauty dish.

25. June 2019
In the last 30 years we've lost 50% of the world's live coral reefs…an ecosystem supporting over 1 million species, and 1 billion people with food and income. Saving coral reefs is a fight we can't afford to lose. Before they die, some corals glow in vivid colours…in a desperate bid to survive ocean heatwaves – it’s a spectacle that shouldn’t go unnoticed. So Adobe, Pantone, The Ocean Agency and many more companies arranged a challenge called "Glowing Glowing Gone". This is my result.
23. June 2019
Glowing in the dark...

20. June 2019
Have a look into the house...
09. June 2019
Everything's melting...

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