09. June 2019
09. June 2019
Everything's melting...

08. June 2019
This is Frank, a lovely man who constantly wears a papier-mâché mask over his head. One of my favourite films of all times!
08. June 2019
Just imagine a world full of peace, respect and sunshine. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?!

24. May 2019
An unkown animal.
23. May 2019
Kurt Cobain is pure art.

20. May 2019
European dream. Please vote!
18. May 2019
Colourful sunglasses.

18. May 2019
Hey there! I know, I'm not quite active on my website at the moment. The reason is that I'm developing new skills and I'm still creating many things which aren't finished yet. But I can't wait to share them as soon as possible! So much nice stuff is in the making!
11. January 2019
New icons for my internet appearance.

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